About us

More than a Juice Bar.

You want your daily freshness, but with a side of good vibes. And that's where Abrazo comes in.

As soon as you enter the juice bar, you will feel that this is more than just a juice bar. There is music playing, people talking and laughing and from the moment you enter, you are greeted by one of our people.
Our people will never forget a face and will always welcome you back, when you return.

This must be the place, to meet, to enjoy, to relax, to treat yourself, to smile.
To go to Abrazo, means being part of a community.

The founders

Abrazo was founded in 2021 by Godwin Mckay and Sean Zachory Ellingsen. They met in 2019 in Copenhagen, where they instantly became friends over common views on life and opinions on how coffee should be served.

They would also discuss opening their own business and create a unique concept, fitting their visions. However it remained talk until beginning of 2021.
Sean visited Malta for the first time and they decided this would be the place, to make their dream happen. Why not start something they already loved, but make it more like a community. So they started to brainstorm and decided to go for a concept were you can have Coffees, Juices and Sandwiches all under one place.

Abrazo opened in January of 2022 and the rest is history...